Feedback of the DB online beta test 🥂

Hi guys. I’m testing the DB version of Logseq in the current online beta version. I’m sure there will be multiple posts requesting or complaining. But I want to put a post for cheering.

I know this is still a pre-alpha or whatever is called. But I am impressed and I want to list here some features that are shinning for me in this development. Just to let know the devs that we, the users, appreciate the work they are putting in:


  • The look and feel is amazing. Especially the UI is a lot more CLEAN. Love it.
  • Icons very well integrated.
  • Deadline: VERY practical date picker positioned below the block text (you can change the position too, but below is perfect). And the best part is that the date is not affected by cursor scrolling over it, as is not markdown. That avoids accidental modifications of the date or the structure that in the current Logseq occurs. How many times did you break the “task” and his “deadline” into two separate blocks by mistake?
  • Properties collapsable.
  • Perfect aligment when multiple properties in a block.
  • Clean positioning of the #tag at the right of the block.
  • Beautiful icons in the contextual menu
  • Beautiful icons for the todo, doing, done status

I’ll be updating this when I test more things.

If you want to test it by yourself and add in this post your most liked aspects of the DB version, you can visit and test it yourself.