File Management Recommendations

We hope to support classification management based on file formats, and also support filtering based on file formats. For example, formats such as pdf, md, png, jpeg, etc.

Welcome. Could you get more specific?

  • How would this look like?
  • Where would the filter appear?
  • What is a typical usage scenario?

The text is discussing the issue of managing a growing number of assets. “Assets” here refers to any digital files such as documents, images, videos, or other media used for a specific purpose. Flashcards can be used to passively review these assets, but if a user needs to actively search for a specific asset, how to better assist the user in finding what they need.

  1. As shown below, I hope that in TAB [All Pages], you can support the assets mode.
  2. Filter hopes to be on the right side of the existing document search box
  3. Main application scenario: Actively search for files

See a good file retrieval example, the screenshot is as follows

Nice. Consider:

  • editing the initial post, to include all this info
  • renaming the title of the thread to “Assets Management Recommendations”
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This may be part of what i want.