`file sync storage exceed limit` - what is the limit?

Seems like I found the limit, but in my quest to get below the limit I can’t find any documentation on what the limit is


I have the same issue
I only have 800 mb graph and still I exceeded the limit which is 10 GB per graph according to the official doc:

## Storage limitations

During the beta test, these are the storage limitations:

* **Maximum number of remote graphs:** 10
* **Maximum graph size (per graph):** 10 gigabyte
* **Maximum asset size (per asset):** 100 megabyte

Based on feedback and users' needs, we might change these limits at a later stage. We're also considering different storage tiers.

I seem to only have 44MB in my assets folder and I began receiving this “file sync storage exceed limit” error as well this evening so no where near 10GB.

Must be a new bug, in my opinion. I’ve sent an email to support as well.

  • Mike

Recently I got a notification in logseq about sync now supporting retrieval of past versions (no idea if this is a new development or just some reminder). Is it possible that those past versions are counted in your storage? If your past assets used a lot of space, that might explain something…

Also, recently I realized that orphaned assets don’t get purged automatically (yet?), so I wouldn’t be surprised if sync’ed storage (+ versions) or those assets are also lacking some management to stop them from growing indefinitely.

I was contacted by support and told there was a bug that caused my backer status to be dropped. Bug fixed and my sync was restored and is working again.

Thanks @Holanda73_David for the reference, that’s really useful.

Whatever the issue was it seems to have now cleared up - I’m no longer able to reproduce that error :person_shrugging: :tada: