Filename restrictions

Adding characters like . to a filename automatically creates a page property for title:: with that name. Is this because such characters can otherwise cause a problem? I want the filenames to be compatible with Obsidian. Obsidian accepts these characters:
. , ; ! _ - = + $ % & ( ) {}
, including the backtick. Are these all acceptable in filenames by Logseq?

Also, I would like Logseq to warn me when I enter an inacceptable character in the filename before committing. I once added - or ? at the beginning, and the file became corrupted.

A dot is acceptable in a page title, as well as , ; ! _ - = + $ % & ( ) {} but some of those special characters are not allowed in the filename, so logseq will replace them by an underline _ when saving it to a file. This is basically a system-specific issue, not logseq’s.

Logseq creates a title property if all those special chars exist in the title.

Personally, I would avoid the : / . \ characters. Logseq uses / to set up namespaces, and I’ve seen weird things happening when the title includes a period. The others are directory separators on different operating systems.