Filter/Search everything for A and B?

Hi! I’m new and I’m sorry if this is a dumb question (I think it probably is). I think the answer is NO based on my tests and research but I want to make sure. Logseq looks awesome to me except for this “one little thing” (actually it’s everything… but I digress).

Is there a way to search the entire corpus for “cat” and “dog”? That is, find every line that contains both of those and don’t show any lines that don’t have both. If you know workflowy, dynalist, and similar outliners, you know they do that, does this?

I searched and didn’t see an obvious answer. I’m inferring the answer is NO. Is that right? (I searched this forum (for “search”) and I searched google (for “logseq search”)). When I searched this forum I got “Your topic is similar to…” and a bunch of things that don’t make sense to me, except for one that says “more powerful and unified search” but that one only makes 50% sense to me. Since logseq seems to be pretty popular I believe logseq is not for me, maybe it’s for programmers and computer experts?

Thank you.

It isn’t a dumb question at all, being able to use boolean search is a really nice thing, that I don’t believe has been addressed in the main search functionality. However, I believe you can use a simple query to accomplish what you are after. To quickly start a simple query, type


Then, when the query syntax autoformats, structure your query like this (I am going to use cats and dogs as you listed in your question

{{query (and "cats" "dogs")}}

This will return all rows that contain both of those words for you. You can also do an OR query by replacing the and above with or

Ha ha! Thank you, that works! Jeez, I should’ve read a bit more… sorry.