Filtering flashcards made of parent-blocks with a certain tag without showing the child-block as a result and viceversa

Good morning/afternoon/night depending on when you’re reading.

The problem

As the title states, I’m currently using flashcards to study and I’d like to know if it’s possible to filter them so that if the child blocks contains a tag, the parent doesn’t show up or viceversa.

Here’s an example of my use-case for better understanding:

I tend to study different topics, some for hobby, others for necessity, so I like to be able to make different desks for it. That part it’s not hard. I simply do

{{cards (and [[pagename]])}}

However, to prioritize what to learn from a determined topic, I put #P1, #P2 and #P3 (priority 1, 2 and 3, respectively) to every flashcards. The problem is, If a certain parent-block has #P1, if a block-child has #P2 (or #P3) will show up even if my query is

{{cards (and [[pagename]] #P1 (not (or #P2 #P3))) }}

What I’m trying to do doesn’t work because of the properties child-blocks inherit, doesn’t it?

Possible workarounds?

  1. A workaround I thought about is using the Anki plugin and see if i can somehow make it work with this program, although I’ve never used it before. Anyone with prior experience could guide me and tell mi if what I want to achieve is possible on Anki?
  2. Something related to advanced queries? I didn’t dive there yet, as I only learned Simple Queries so far.

Any other solution, feedback and comment is more than welcome. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day :slight_smile: