Filtering Logseq Tables

Are tables being correctly implemented in Logseq? This appears to be a bug. When I tag a row, the whole table gets referenced. For example, when I nav to my cloud page, I see tools is references with both AI and Cloud tags. Maybe I’m going about this wrong>

Hi, it is expexted since tags affect the whole block and so the table in this case.

I agree that it would be nice to have a way to view a set of blocks as a table like Tana does.

As a workaround you can write the data you have in rows in different blocks with properties and that mark them in a way to easily query them. Then you can place a query with table view as a parent block. For example:

- {{query [[Table 1]]}}
  - Foo (first row)
     column1: ...
     column2: ...
  - Bar (second row)
     column1: ...
     column2: ...

Not very convenient since you need to edit the blocks and the table is to browse only but this is the best you can do at the moment.

I hope it helps anyway.

Thanks for the reply alex. I will play around with that idea.

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