Filters for linked references inherit from parent blocks

In Roam filters for linked references allow you filter based on page, parent blocks or child blocks. For example, this page:

Has the following filters available:

In Logseq an identical page only allows filtering based on children or page:

I would like to request that the Roam behaviour be implemented in Logseq. It seems like there are many situations where filtering based on parents would be useful.

For clarity I should add that by filtering based on parent blocks I don’t just mean the immediate parent, but rather that a block inherits from all parents up the chain, so filters should be available for all.

now you can filter with children, but not with parents

Just realized today that this feature isn’t present. As my LogSeq graph has grown over the last 2-3 weeks, it’s now very hard for me to manage without this.

Agree, this is the default behavior I would expect. If you think about the way people typically outline almost any kind of material, it becomes clear that if a parent bullet contains a backlink or tag then the child should be considered to be related to those same ideas/concepts.

Huge +1 for including parents in the filters.

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Is there any news regarding this topic? Inheriting parents in the filters is so fundamental to the organisational model of this type of app, that I can only think this lack of functionality is an oversight from the developer’s side.

Hope this will be fixed soon.

+1 for this feature. The lack of it is probably one of the biggest things keeping me in Roam for now…it makes the discoverability of items through linked refs much better, IMHO.

However, I’d be curious to know if anyone has found the Logseq model (where only the child blocks are shown as filters) to be more useful. Maybe it nudges you toward more intentional indentation/tagging?

Same, I’ve been interested in making the change. This is one of the few things holding me back.

Given that it’s been this way for so long, I’ve also wondered this. Am I missing something? I just can’t come up with a reason to have filters based on children rather than parents, it seems to be completely missing the point of inheritance in a block-based outliner.

Another example.


If I’ve got a page on Ethics, with many many references, then it’s the parent blocks that are going to contextualise those references. If I’m exploring my writing on a particular philosophical school, why would I not want to be able to filter down to blocks that include [[Rationalism]] as a parent. Or for a particular philosopher, I would want to be able to filter down to [[Seneca]], and ignore the noise of all my other writing on [[Ethics]].

Have asked Ramses if he’d be able to comment on this thread. Perhaps I am missing something, but would be really interested to hear the teams reasoning.

Update from the Discord. Changes to filtering functionality haven’t been looked at yet, as there are currently other priorities. It will probably be discussed at some point in the future.

Hi, guys! While we are waiting for implementation of parent links in filters, I want to say two things:

  1. The bad one. Child links present on filters popup, but didn’t work properly (v0.6.9) =\

  2. The good one. In order to achieve same functionality as filtering with parents use AND-query:

{{query (and [[X]] [[Y]])}}