Filters with the latest update

I use the journal exclusively for all my daily notes. I have 4 main categories of notes that I would like to separate so I created 4 main links (pages) which I use in my daily Journal template, these are:

[[Work notes]] for all work related notes I take during the day
[[Personal notes]]
[[Logseq related notes]] for notes related to me learning, using and getting to grips with logseq
[[Inbox]] for all notes that I have to later classify/categorize (think fleeting notes)

This works fine, I can click on the [[Work notes]] and see a log of all my work notes over the journal timeline.

The thing that is a bit strange for me is the way filters work now… For instance, if I click on “work notes” and open that page, I can see a listof “linked references” but the fitler does not work on the bulk of the links.

I can filter only on specific days of the journal using the filter button, but if I try to filter on any of hte other links it just does not work, nothing gets filtered out…