Find and replace a word in multiple occurrences

Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest that Logseq had a feature that allow us to edit a word in multiple occurrences. The simplest way, I guess, would be something like Find and Replace in MS Word and other text editors. You can always use some other editor to do this, but it would be nice to have inside Logseq.

yes, please! It is especially important when you open some file from other program and need to do mass-edit for it looks normally in Logseq.

If this is not something you’re doing often, you could bring up your notes repo in a solid text editor (like VS Code or Sublime) and do a find and replace there.


As a new user, I’m absolutely shocked this functionality doesn’t exist. This is a must-have!


+1, much needed feature

Try the find and replace plugin as a temporary stopgap.


I vote for this too.