Find in page feature

It would be great to have a “find in page” feature.

This is already “somehow” available in the web version if we use the built-in “search” of the browser but not in the desktop app

furthermore in RemNote it is done in a very clever way where all the rest of the notes are hidden and only the relevant parts are shown, this helps visually a lot in long notes

thank you

I agree this would be amazing, like you say it works alright in browser, but still not available in desktop.

I’d assume this feature will be coming as the desktop app develops futher, however it’s better not to assume and making a request for it is always a good idea just to show how useful this is for all of us

Ctrl + Shift + U does an in-page search (yes, the help is buggy, and also the implementation itself is buggy).

I would add interactive and highlighted search to the mix, as in vim if you set :set hlsearch incsearch, probably with a sidebar higlighting the matches.

Could you say more? On my Windows system running the latest Canary desktop build, Ctrl+Shift+U doesn’t appear to do anything.

I have linux, so I cannot help in the platform specific part. I am using 0.0.20 and pressing Ctrl+Shift+U moves the focus to the textfield in the upper-left corner next to the magnifier and sets the scope to the current page.

Another catch that you should exit “insert mode”: press Esc if you are editing something.

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Thanks. I now see that the shortcut is indeed listed in the help section. Also, it looks like some relevant updates were made on Github yesterday:

So I’ll try again after the next release.

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Closed as now added to the latest version of Logseq. Thanks for the FR