fireSeqSearch: Append Logseq notes while Googling

I think this 30s video is better than any words :slight_smile:

Repo: GitHub - Endle/fireSeqSearch: When using search engine, it would also search local logseq notebook

I had posted earlier at I couldn’t edit an old post, so I created a new topic here.

This is so cool, thumbs up!

Awesome from the demo video!!! Would it also work for MacOS?

I assume it would work perfectly under macOS. The server-side is implemented in pure rust. However, I don’t have a macOS at hand, and I have no idea about how to publish a pre-built binary for mac (with my previous on macOS, I can’t execute a not-signed binary from the Internet)

I updated the readme for macOS: fireSeqSearch/ at master · Endle/fireSeqSearch · GitHub

Please feel free to ask me questions here (or Github issues).