First Block Sync Issue to Mobile

I have a reproducible sync issue using the Logseq native sync service. The first block is deleted when syncing if the mobile application is a cursor open. Here are steps to repeat.

  • Pick an existing page/journal, whatever. This seems to happen most frequently with Journal.
  • On the phone, open Logseq and select the first block. Do not enter anything. Just leave the cursor open.
  • On desktop, enter data into the Jorunal page. enter as much as you’d like, a few block.
  • Return to Mobile, leaving cursor on the 1st block.
  • Allow logseq to sync.

The block where the cursor is open will be blank. It seems like Logseq treats the open block as newer than the block on the desktop. Maybe the algorithm is syncing the last open time instead of last edit time to determine which to keep?