Flashcards - do flashcards only work with spaced repetition?

I am limited to viewing flashcards once per day. When I invoke the flashcard functionality, I can only review my flashcards once. Logseq makes me wait until the next day to view them again. Is this normal?

How do I review flashcards without forced spaced intervals? (As a student I need to use flashcards more than daily).

I would expect there to be a configuration setting for spaced repetition value that I would like to set to 0 or NULL.

Any advice on this would be welcomed…thanks!

As a workaround you could use NeuraCache app for Android/iOS (you just need a way to sync you Logseq folder, on Android I suggest Syncthing). The experience is really seamless.

A more well enstablished app that you probably know is Anki (available also on desktop platforms) and there is a Logseq plugin to sync flashcard from Logseq to Anki.

About Logseq built-in flashcard feature: yeah, it seems very basic, I would like if it was instead shipped as a plugin and others provide their flashcard implementations as plugins too.

What you describe here is cramming, which is not efficient learning.

Logseq uses a version of the SuperMemo algorithm, which is the gold standard for spaced repetition tools.

The way you should use flashcards is by taking enough time. Create flashcards and start reviewing them as soon as you encounter information. By the time an exam rolls around, you’ll have internalized the knowledge as you’ve repeatedly (slightly) forgotten and relearned the information. This process is much more effective and longer-lasting than cramming information.

Spaced repetition is excellent at providing me retention - holding info long term.

However, my grad class where 1000’s of terms to memorize within a short term (condensed Summer session) necessitates initial load of terms into memory. Thus, the spaced rep functionality is inhibiting using flashcards.

It seems the only workaround to this is to open the markup files and change dates.

If you want to cram, I recommend you just review the cards using a query. You can still test yourself by collapsing the answer, and like Anki’s cram mode there will be no stats.

Your alternative is to use the Anki plugin and use cram mode, but the effect would essentially be the same.