Flathub version

I am running Logseq using debian linux on a Chromebook. I have noticed that the latest stable version is now 0.10.1. However when I try and update my version it remains at 0.9.17. I have searched the flathub remote site and it appears that this still has the older version on it. Who can update Flathub?

Name Description Application ID Version Branch Remotes
Log… A local-first, non-linear, outliner noteboo… …m.logseq.Logseq 0.9.17 stable flathub

Ok, So the reason why 0.10.1 is not available seems to be that there is an issue with the aarch64 release. There is a ticket here - aarch64 version bump · Issue #116 · flathub/com.logseq.Logseq · GitHub. Who can correct and update this version of logseq? com.logseq.Logseq/aarch64/stable