Flexibility in page layout (linked references on top)

Is there a way to change the page layout, so that - for instance - I can put the linked references above the blocks on a given (or all pages). I really use logseq as a daily log, so I hardly make any blocks on a page. I mostly want to see the linked references.

Try adding the following css rule in file custom.css :

.page.relative {
  display: grid;
  & > :first-child {
    order: 9;

Great, many thanks! Is there a numbering (since you put in the number 9)?

The numbering is relative. Check order in MDN.

Thanks again, do I understand it correctly with the code you just put the first nodes at the bottom of the page?

There is no page, there are only many divs. The code moves one of them at the bottom of its parent. Please understand that this is a hack, not how one would do it in own html.

I think I understand and again thanks for helping a coding idiot!

and sorry, but no the page title (only a div, I know, also is way below somewhere. So your hack works but not completely. Anyway, thanks for helping, again, @mentaloid!