Follow link keybinding

In roam, ctrl-o will “open” the link/tag/page at point. ctrl-shift-o will open it in the sidebar. It makes it easy to reference a page and dig into the page as you go, or open it to the side for reference. Is there an equivalent for logseq?

Logseq uses ctrl-k to open the search box. Then enter to open it in the middle window, or shift-enter to open it in the sidebar.

I understand that works for search. What if you want to go to link in text under cursor?

oh sorry I misunderstood your question. I don’t think Logseq has the same keybinding functions.
A while ago they implement “Do what I mean” (DWIM) as seen here Feat: Multi-functional Enter/Tab key by llcc · Pull Request #2889 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
But it causes some bugs so it was scaled down a bit. Now the only thing I observe is that when you press enter within a reference block it is opened in the sidebar.

  • Enter can be used to open link under cursor part of DWIM (Do What I mean)
  • Ctrl+O works in logseq too.
  • Ctrl+shift+o will open the link under the cursor in the right sidebar

Checkout the shortcut’s page in settings, or use the shortcut g h.


Thanks, it’s CMD-o on macOS, which is why I didn’t notice.