For Windows OS: How do you integrate Logseq with OS for Calendar, Agenda, Tasks, Reminders, etc?

I am doing lots of scheduling and reminder adding and setup deadlines and tasks and all remains in Logseq, with no option to have the calendar talk to the OS calendar so I can get reminders and alerts in the Notification area. I believe this integration between Logseq and OS should be common sense and I have no idea how to tackle it. Currently I have no plugins for Calendaring (like the Agenda plugin i’ve seen used in many yt videos) but, even if I installed it for a better view of my schedule in Logseq, I’d still want to have notifications and reminders in the OS.

Do you guys have any solution for that? Is OS-integration with the Notification system important to you? Do you need to be notified 1-2h earlier for any event or be reminded in a notification-baloon way so that you don’t miss any important event?

I am very curious how do you handle this?

I use a calendar app.
That’s it. I don’t use Logseq for timed reminders.
Yes there is redundancy between my calendar app and Logseq. I add things manually to Logseq during my weekly and monthly review process.
Yes that gives friction. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. It allows for conscious consideration.

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I was thinking something along the lines of having a separate Calendaring/Agenda/ToDo app but I don’t fancy having to double book -although that brings a certain memorization improvement ring to it.

I am mostly bothered by Agenda Plugin’s way of grabbing everything from my journals and not all my TODOs are supposed to be a calendar item. I have “Loose ToDos” that are not intended as calendar schedules but as “nice-haves”, “Routine-thingies” and would rather only have it show SCHEDULED, DEADLINE and some other CUSTOM TAGS. I wish all these could be defined in Agenda Plugin but that can be sorted out in the Custom Calendar option of the plugin i suppose, although it clearly states that “Do not use this setting unless you need to write your own Query to get the calendar.”, which I am not capable of writing at this time :). It also has to be paired with some sort of Calendar ID which I guess has something to do with a Subscription as it asks for a Calendar ID and an URL - have no idea what those are…

So I am thinking of a Workflow where I am gathering these Calendar-worthy notes (“#cal” ?) in my daily journals then, on Monday, when I do the Weekly Objectives, I can have those Calendar-worthy items pulled by a query in the sidebar and I would write them down in the Weekly Objectives while doing the more granular scheduling in a separate App, perhaps first thing in the morning when I would define the time-blocks.Also when something URGENT comes along and needs to be scheduled asap, I would do that tagging and scheduling right away.

But that doesn’t quite solve the OS-integration with the notification system (at least on Windows OS - perhaps on iOS/android the calendar apps have by default access to the notification system);