"Forest Night" theme (for dark mode)

Hey guys!
Following @santi, I also published my first logseq theme Forest_night.

The code and instructions can be found here:

The code was almost a clone of Cobra, so thank you santi!

Dark Mode

White Mode exactly the same as Cobra.


Appreciate logseq first, of course.

I know little of CSS so I have to copy all the stuff from Cobra and dark-hpx, and adopt to my favorite color palette.

Thank you Anti and Cannibalox!


Looks awesome great work!!!

I know css, but definitely not as advanced as @cannibalox he recommended to check his newever theme called darker-hpx since he said dark-hpx is a bit older. this is something I’ll keep in mind for future updates of my theme for sure, since I didn’t realize that on time!

One disadvante of using my code as base, is that I have a lot of comments connected to a great app called imdone for my list of to-do’s. This comment are for personal reference and might clutter your code, of course they won’t cause any issues though, and you can easily delete them.

If you update your theme over time I highly recommend looking at at cannibalox’s css directly, he’s code is much more stable and more featured packed than mine!

Appreciate the shout out thought! keep up the awesome theme!

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I like this! It feels very mellow. Nice work.

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