Formatting features for more advanced layouts

Every time I try some other PKM software, I can’t help but notice how faster and straight to the point Logseq is for me.

Now and then, though, I feel lured by some formatting options that I see in other apps. One in particular caught my attention, and I wish something like this would land to Logseq at some point.
It’s the drag & drop feature in Anytype that allows users to create columns rather quickly, here’s an example:

I rather like the sparse and extensible approach that logseq has.

Totally, I understand the sparse approach has its advantages, but implementing a few more advanced formatting features wouldn’t mean getting rid of the current approach, only extending it and making it available for who wants to use it.

Thanks for sharing that link, I’m aware of that plugin and have been using it, just it’s not the same. The immediacy of being able to drag and drop as opposed to type, while in most cases not being able to see the result until the user leaves the block, it’s quite a different experience.