Formatting of Scheduled items

I’ve noticed that the display of scheduled items is sometimes a bit odd. Occasionally scheduled items will appear with an extra blank line below the SCHEDULED: <> line. If I click on the block to go to edit mode the blank line disappears. It’s only there in preview mode. If I go to the end of the line and hit delete the next block is appended and if I hit return to put it back as a separate block the extra space under the Scheduled item goes away but it now shows with an expand/collapse marker even though there is nothing extra to show when expanded.

This is a few months old, but I’ve noticed this too and it bothers me quite a bit.

Occasionally, the spacing is appropriate

Sometimes the spacing appears with an extra line

When Editing, it is normal

Edit: After I had left the desktop application and returned, the example for the normal now has the strange spacing

Hi @dcoales @eis-inazuma. This issue should be resolved by this PR [1].
But I wonder if it would work well on your side, so would you please offer me a minimal example for test? I think the team will merge this PR for the next release, so you can also test it then. Please feel free to report here if the problem still remains.


As you can see from the attached image, one item that is scheduled has a weird blank line below and an expand collapse toggle (which collapses the blank space). The second scheduled item does not have a blank line below it but also shows an expand/collapse toggle when you hover over it but this toggle has no effect.

I’m currently running version 0.4.0.