Found lost files in "Sync Backup" in the MacBook trashcan

I already read some threads about iCloud syncing issues, but it seems in most cases there are only disappearing some notes and in connection with the iOS app.

I already had some issues with Logseq and iCloud syncing, so I switched back to Dropbox a few month ago and never had any problems. And if there had been a problem, I could restore the files from the Dropbox history (I have an old account with the packrat option). Unfortunately I could’t use the iOS app.

Last week a friend of mine started using Logseq and had no issues with the iCloud sync and the iOS app. I thought I could switch back and finally could access my data via the iOS app. And if something goes wrong, I could restore most data from my Backblaze backup.

Tonight I worked two hours on my MacBook, while I was online and changed some notes in Logseq. I restarted my MacBook and coincidentally I had the finder window open showing my Logseq iCloud folder.

I could not believe my eyes, when I saw that file after file started to disappear from the folder. Only one file stayed in the journals folder and one file in the pages folder. In the bak folder of Logseq also was only one file left.

But then I found a folder named like my Logseq folder plus “sync backup” In the trashcan. It seems that there are all missing files in this folder. I never saw a folder like this in the trashcan and therefore I believe it is the result of a Logseq process and not of the macOS system.

Has anybody some insights on this?

PS: Version 0.8.7 (0.8.7).

I logged into my Logseq today to find I had lost about 50 hours worth of work taking notes, ironically, about Logseq tips for better workflow. They were on a page I had created a week ago and added two things to it on the day of creation and those two notes are still there. I can’t find any other missing notes or even nodes. I have mine in iCloud and occassionally use the iOS app but after this experience I’m moving it to a different folder and holding off on iOS app till the official sync comes out.

Edit: I checked my trash and nothing there, and checked for duplicate files made within pages folder which has happened in the past and nothing.

Edit 2: Found a second Logseq folder within the main logseq folder in iCloud and it was called Logseq 2 and had about 20 files in there and that’s where my missing stuff was. it has to be an iCloud issue so I moved everything over to Dropbox. Would Google Drive be better since I have a paid account and they’re not supposed to be able to look into paid accounts?