From iCloud to Logseq sync

Currently, I’m using iCloud to sync between my iPhone and Mac. I have about 40 pages, but only see 10 pages in my iCloud folder. Will I lose my data when migrating over to logseq’s sync? How can I get all pages in my iCloud folder? When I open the logseq app on both devices, all pages and information are there, but not in my “pages” folder in iCloud. Strange. Any advice/insight is much appreciated.

  • Nick

I have figured out the solution to my question. If there is no text or content on a page in my Logseq, then the page is not created in my iCloud folder. As soon as I put text on every page, it showed up in iCloud. I guess I just had a lack of understanding as to how logseq works under the hood.

It is best if you could periodically REMOVE ORPHANSED PAGES in both of your local drives (mac and iphone).