[front matter] support for tag lists (YAML)

improve compatibility by supporting YAML lists / collections inside the front matter like :

title: pageTitle
  - tag1
  - tag2
  - tag3

use-case: static site generators like hugo

I like the idea but just curious - I’m not clear on how you imagine Logseq and Hugo sites interacting. Are you thinking that you can write the site in Logseq, save the markdown files, and then generate the site with Hugo by pointing to your Logseq directory?

And by “support” YAML lists, do you just mean that Logseq will allow you to include more things in the properties, or do you want it to parse the YAML and offer all the functionality possible in YAML? It could get very confusing because YAML allows a lot of stuff to be done.

just simple parsing of lists in addition to comma-separated collctions.
regarding publishing, I was looking to copy a selection of md files from the logseq repo to the hugo content rather than directly pointing to the repo. Do you have any better solution ? I haven’t tried logseq’s publishing though, maybe it’s the easier and better solution ? (but I have other content aside from md files)

I don’t have a better solution than copying to the Hugo folder. I have a Hugo site also and was hoping you had a solution!

Any other syntax differences that we should make logseq works better with Hugo?

well, afaik hugo is probably not the most straightforward static site generator to use from logseq, as it doesn’t work with [[wikilinks]] for now, but honestly, I’m a hugo noob :slight_smile: I think there were discussions on their github to support [[]] as it was a common request but I’m not following that.
I use a couple of shell scripts and regex to convert my md files. this thread was helpful : My tips to turn a github wiki into hugo website - tips & tricks - HUGO
I’m not actively researching publishing options so other people would surely be more aware of better options than me.

I’ve read that Eleventy might be more suited as you can switch the parser to markdown-it (I haven’t used that myself).
I was just drawn to some of the cool themes of hugo more than anything :slight_smile:

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+1 for more support/compatibility around logseq => hugo. there is a lot of synergy between these two tools.

i’ve found these so far:

in my view logseq + hugo would be the ultimate “personal wiki” toolset. (i’m also selfishly interested in using the combo to build a documentation website for my company.)