Frozen searching and editing & block/content-max-length

As seen in the screenshot, one of my articles has been frozen. After searching online, I suspect that the reason is due to the block length limit. Therefore, I tried to edit the config.edn file and found the setting on approximately line 150. I simply changed the number from 10000 to 25000, then refreshed and restarted logseq. However, the article is still in a frozen state.

As the freezing occurred when I added new text on my computer this morning, I attempted to go back to my phone and force push the version on my phone to avoid being frozen. However, the situation remained the same, and the config on the computer end is not wrapped in {}.

I am hoping to receive help, as I do not understand any code. It would be best if intuitive config language and actual display effect screenshots were provided. I hope to resolve this issue today.