fsrs for flashcard

I hope the flash card can use FSRS algorithm

This is a very important feature request, because FSRS is meant to be a successor to SRS. It is way more intelligent and efficient, which in turn means more new cards learned and less reviews without losing any knowledge. However, switching to it from SRS is painful because the amount of reviews per day will multiply during the transition process.

The easiest way to solve this massive PITA is to implement FSRS instead of SRS during development. If the devs do this one day, Logseq will immediately become a competitor to Anki + Obsidian combo, easily outmatching both.

Link to FSRS algorithm

@tienson @Ramses

Improving flashcards is high on our wishlist, but we don’t have development capacity for it now. But we welcome any pull request from community members.

@shrvtv please don’t tag team members to get feature requests noticed; we already get tagged so much it’s difficult to keep up. We regularly check the features section and decide based on amount of votes and implementation difficulty what to tackle next.