"full path" quick search

Right now the search in Logseq: We type a keyword, and the search return a list of the lines with the keyword.

Often we have simple hierarchy when taking notes. For example, I am writing a Lyme disease paper and now drafting the Introduction section. I store all the random ideas nested under the line “introduction”

As things accumulated, when I search “fatigue”, there are many lines appeared. However, I would like to only get the results relevant to the Introduction section. Can I quickly just type “introduction” as another keyword to get it narrowed? Advanced search with browsing is cool, but doesn’t fit the case here much.

This function is similar to the “goto anything” in sublime text editor.

I hope you guy can add this feature or have something similar for quick search. This is very helpful when the content in Logseq is not well structured and full of random ideas, and I need to find out relevant information quickly