Fully localized user experience

Some English terms seem hard coded into Logseq.

I would like if everything the user see is localized, for example:

  • folders: assets, draws, journals, pages
  • special properties: title, tags, icon …
  • query commands: property, and, or
  • task management terms: NOW, LATER etc
  • other terms the user see: query, card, tag, cloze, embed

I would make “language” a property of a graph that can be set when creating one and edited later. If the user decides to change the language of a graph, Logseq should update the .md files accordingly.

For me it also makes sense to automatically change the language of Logseq’s UI accordingly to the currently open graph, for consistency.

Definitely yes for me.
Can get a little complex maybe so I imagine this feature will take a while if devs have other priorities.
Maybe we should start making more localized tutorial to expand the non English user base