“Fully” migrate from Roam to Logseq

Despite the migration feature, things like queries, attributes and kanbans aren’t reformatted into logseq’s syntax.

I’m new to Logseq and am tempted to move to Logseq. I’m looking for any bottle necks or syntax problems that’ll damage my workflow. I just want to migrate to a local-based app, with 0 to low friction. Logseq seems like the best of all worlds alternative.

However, up to now, I’ve met this problem, which would be a set back to moving to Logseq. Some attributes aren’t being migrated as templates (a problem for my metadata), queries aren’t being reformatted to logseq’s syntax, and kanbans are left untouched (since it seems logseq doesn’t support kanban).

The other problem is integrating Zotero with custom metadata. Logseq’s feature migrates all metadata (most im not interested in within my graph) into a single block with multiple lines. I’d like to customize which metadata and how it’s formatted into logseq.

Could anyone help me solve these issues as frictionless as possible? Since I’m new to logseq, any and all help is much appreciated (and a new logseq user might be won in all this) :slight_smile:

I too am having issues with attributes vs. properties. The oft-referred to video from OneStutteringMind ( Using templates in Logseq to simplify workflows (and a brief intro to “Properties”)) now seems to be outdated? I’m confused how properties seem to behave differently just in the first block of a page - acting as page properties. And it doesn’t seem possible to paste in empty properties in Logseq?