Fundamental need: Keyboard and menu shortcut to DELETE BLOCK

It should be fundamental, not just a wish list item.


A keyboard shortcut and context menu item to DELETE A FRICKING BLOCK

Currently, Cut is closest thing, but hardly on target for a basic, fundamental DELETE BLOCK function.

Seriously, is this a blindspot w/ Logseq dev? It’s so basic that I can’t believe it has to be mentioned. But it does.

Please add this ridiculously simple function.


You should be able to do a simple esc+del/backspace to delete a block.

A helpful PR improve(ux): add delete option for blocks context menu by xyhp915 · Pull Request #8204 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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Thank you both for responses. Yes, Esc + Del works. I had not discovered that yet. Isn’t documented. Yes, the Delete Block option should be in the block context menu just after Cut.

Actually it’s two shortcut. Escape exits out the n b block and selects it. Delete just deletes it. You can also shift click or command click to select multiple and then click dlete to delete it