Funny how page aliases work in queries

When I started using Loqseq I had a page created for every person that I wanted to link to, the pages names would be comprised of the first and last name of the person. In the page of each peron, I had page properties created (job-title, unit, etc.)

I then discoveded aliases and added a page property in every person’s page with an alias to shorten the name and make it easier to take notes with links to those people.

As an example, I had a page for John Doe, I then added a page property “alias:: Joe” so that I can easily just type [[Joe]] or #Joe and link to John Doe.

When I go to the John Doe page itself, I would see all linked references in my database that either contained [[John Doe]] or [[Joe]] in one place… excellent I thought.

But if I queried outside the page for [[John Doe]], the query result will not show any linked references where I used [[Joe]] or #joe as the alias to John Doe. The only way I could get all the relevant results is to use a query such as: {{query (or [[John Doe]] [[Joe]]) }}

I would have liked the query to treat Joe the same as John Doe, and understand these are the same thing…

Am I doing something wrong here?



as best as I can tell, you aren’t doing anything wrong, and there seems to be an ongoing issue described here: Queries should recognize alias · Issue #3763. For now it seems you’ll have to use the OR operator when searching your queries to include both the original page and any of it’s aliases.

Glad to see this recognized as an issue, and hope there is a fix coming soon…It caught me by surprise as I had a mass of aliases that were missing from my query results…

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Any hope of this getting fixed?