Furigana/Pinyin markdown support (ruby html)

Some people are using logseq to study languages. Probably japanese or chinese, and reading it is difficult. That’s why furigana exists, so people who don’t have the level to read the complex characters yet can enjoy a text and learn:

At the left, three Japanese ideographs from left to right. On top of them, six hiragana characters at half size. Below the ideographs, the text 'shinkansen'. To the right, arrows and text saying 'ruby base' (middle), 'ruby text' (top), and 'ruby text 2' (bottom).
Example from w3 consortium

This can be accomplished in html using the <ruby> tag, which works in logseq:

<ruby>世界<rt>せかい</rt></ruby> => 世界せかい

Here’s some discussion in CommonMark:

Proper ruby text (<rb>) syntax support in Markdown - Extensions - CommonMark Discussion

Here’s a blog post that creates a plugin using the [漢(かん)][字(じ)] syntax

Markdown Extension: Ruby Markup — Ruby — Juanito Fatas

Here’s the ruby specification:

Ruby Annotation

In the meantime, do you know if there is a way a plugin can extend the Markdown processor? Or it must be done “client-side” (with js)?