Garbled text in sidebar and menus

Seeing a lot of buggy garbled looking text in the side bar and menus. It seems to flicker in and out and sometimes correct itself when you move the mouse over the side bar buttons. Sometimes this also shows up in the drop down menu as well.

I tried some older versions of the app to see if I could figure out when this was introduced. It appears to have started happening in 0.8.1 and has been gradually getting worse over time. The most recent version I tried was 0.8.9 which was the worst by far.

I’m using the linux version, and I’m running on Pop!_OS 22.04 if that matters.

Can you open Developer Tools (ctrl-shift-i), use the picker arrow in the top left corner, and see if anything looks strange?

Everything looks normal there to me, but I know nothing about html/css so I’m not sure what I’d even be looking for. None of the text in the dev tools window is messed up, if that is what you were going for. I’ve never actually used logseq for anything before this, so everything should be completely default.

I also have this problem. I’m running on Fedora Linux 36 (Workstation Edition)

Don’t have this problem under Fedora Linux 37

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I’ve just upgraded to Fedora 37 and I still have the same problem