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Funny thing… The Youtube algorithm popped up some videos about Obsidian into my timeline. I found that interesting but anything sensitive must not be handled by closed-source software in my house, so I searched for an Open Source alternative and found logseq.
What I do with it? Not sure yet? Not even sure if I keep using it but so far I like it because of the possibility to link everything to everything. It’s something I miss in Nextcloud which I currently use for productivity. I have LS set up now on my desktop and my laptop as well as on my phone and my tablet. All sync the graph folder through Nextcloud. The PCs also sync the $HOME/.logseq folder minus the graphs folder through Nextcloud.
Back to the purpose - I recently had the feeling that my life somewhat overtook me and I suddenly was running after it. That is somewhat irritating, especially for someone who - according to his friends - doesn’t even go to toilet without a plan. So I was looking for a tool to improve structuring, planning and scheduling.
I still have to solve one problem before I can commit 100% to LS, though: I need the possibility to export calendar data to the Nextcloud calendars. That is absolutely essential because I share my calendars with people for coordination and if I have to transfer everything by hand from LS to NC, LS wouldn’t solve the problem I’m trying to solve with it. Any hints anyone?


Hey! Welcome aboard!

I think this depends on the direction you’re interested the sync should “flow”:

As far as I’m aware there are at least a couple of plugins that allows you to “pull” data from CalDAV URLs into LogSeq

If you want to do the other way around (pushing events into the calendar, which I think is the case), I’m not immediately aware of any plugin, but making a CalDAV-writing plugin shouldn’t be too difficult, you just need to make a PUT request afterall

Yeah, actually, if I use Logseq for managing my schedule, I basically only need to export.