German abbreviations for day and month in journal


I would like to see the German abbreviations for day and month in the journal dates. Is there a way to change this through css or someway else?


This is how it is now: Thu, 03.12.2023

That’s how I would like it: Do, 03.12.2023

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@westenfalke thanks for your reply.
How can I check/change the Object Type? I set “Deutsch” in Settings/General/Language. Couldn’t found another way to localize Logseq.


The Default value: "MMM do, yyyy" isn’t working for me either, no matter what interface language, so I’m using :journal/page-title-format "yyyy-MM-dd" instead.

Be careful editing this part of the configuration, hence this might interrupt logseq sync and you have to readd/reindex the vault.

In the folder <Path/To/Your/Vault>/logseq/bak/logseq/config/ you can find older versions of logseq/config.edn, just in case.

 ;; Set a custom date format for the journal page title.
 ;; Default value: "MMM do, yyyy"
 ;; e.g., "Jan 19th, 2038"
 ;; Example usage e.g., "Tue 19th, Jan 2038"
 ;; :journal/page-title-format "EEE do, MMM yyyy"
 :journal/page-title-format "yyyy-MM-dd"

So sorry for the confusion @Sam2 my first reply was a solution geared toward Anytype.

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You might want to check out this plugin. It did the job for me.

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Hi @westenfalke
this is probably a misunderstanding, the “EEE do.MM.YYYY” format is fine. However, I would like to see the German abbreviations for the day and the month. For example I would like to see Mi for Mittwoch and Do for Donnerstag instead of Wed for Wednesday and Thu for Thursday.
Nevertheless, thanks again.

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Hi @r6d2,

thanks for the tip. The plugin does the trick :smile:
To bad, that the mobile version of Logseq doesn’t support plugins so that I have to live with the English abbreviations on my iPad.

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