Get page icon by page name (for hierarchical page link abbreviations)

Hey all, I just added cannibalox’s customjs from GitHub - cannibalox/logseq-custom-files: logseq custom.js and custom.css utilities : resize query table columns, hide namespaces... and replaced his truncated page links with bader’s logseq-scripts/LogseqNamespaceAbbreviator.js at main · Bad3r/logseq-scripts · GitHub

I’d really like to set it up so it shows the pages icon if it’s set, and if not, show the abbreviation. If anyone with more experience could help point me in the right direction, that’d be awesome. I’ve done the plugin tutorial 101 and 201, but it’s not clear to me how I can accomplish what I want to. I’m thinking of splitting the text of the page ref by ‘/’ and then querying those pages and grabbing the icon property if it exists, but I’m pretty overwhelmed and not really sure where to start

I would love some help on this please. So far no one has helped at all or even pointed me to some documentation