Get page title only instead of blocks and sort by original order in writing advanced query

Hi, I am writing a query that can get the journal created 7 days ago. Right now I am doing the following

    :title            "⑦ 一星期前"
    :query            [:find (pull ?b [*])
                       :in $ ?span
                       (between ?b ?span ?span)
    :inputs           [:7d-before ]
   :collapsed?       false}

It works. However it returns all blocks of the journal, sorted by modified time.
I have two questions:

  1. How can I return only the title of the journal instead of individual blocks?
  2. Right now it is sorted by modified time. How can I sort by the original order (as what we will see if we click the journal page)?

Thank you!

between only queries blocks not pages. So you can use this below query for that purpose.

{:title "⑦ 一星期前"
 :query [:find (pull ?p [*])
         :in $ ?d
         [?p :block/name]
         [?p :block/journal? true]
         [?p :block/journal-day ?d]]
 :inputs [:7d-before]
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Thanks! Nice and clean.

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