Getting started with Org mode

I am trying to understand how to use org mode but I do not know where to start. I have looked at but I did not understand how to use it on logseq or how it is better/worse then markdown. Can you please tell me where I can start?

To use org-mode you have to install the Emacs text editor:

It comes with the capability to edit org-mode files out of the box.
org-mode is a markup language that predates markdown and has many nice features.
Outside of emacs ecosystem is not used much though.
Just as markdown it is plain text.

If you decide to use it you have to set your prefered format in Logseq to org in the settings.

I used Emacs since 20 years and practically live(d) in org-mode. It is great. That being said, for most people it is not worth the bother and I would stay with markdown.

The advantage is that if you know Emacs, you can edit your Logseq notes in it - which is super comfortable. But if you don’t, I would advice against it.

Note if you go this path: org-roam is compatible with Logseq and adds additional goodies.

OK thanks I will look into it… It look cumbersome to work with from what I saw on emacs but then again markdown looked cumbersome the first time I saw it but nowadays I just can’t look at ms word cause markdown is so fast and easy to work in

Could you share your workflow with orgmode? I am currently not using org-roam, it feels like too cumbersome to set up. Instead I have a simple zetteldeft set up, easy simple functions and my whole second brain consists of orgmode files. I tried to use LogSeq with orgmode files, but certain features do not work great: for instance, when visualizing a graph, I had a strong node with STARTUP or OVERVIEW, all those words used at the top of each document. There was no way to tell Logseq to avoid using these as tags or keywords when used in certain contexts. Have you stumbled across this and how to solve it? Thanks!