Getting Started With Plugins

Hey all :wave:,

Trying to write my first plugin, started reading through

I got to this part:

But I can’t seem to find anything that says Load unpacked plugin in the plugins tab within LogSeq:

Any obvious step that I’m missing?

Great to have you here @dvargas92495 !

In order to have this option, you must first enable developer mode from settings. I believe it’s in the “advanced” pane.

Let me know if you need any further help!

Nice, thanks Aryan! Does the entry file always have to be an index.html file or could it be just a js script? Where does the rest of the html document appear?

It has to be a html file as the way logseq plugins but you typically lot JS as a module work is by rendering the plugin as an iframe.

Recommend starting with something like Pengs Dev Template with vite hmr.