Getting to "today"

  • If you’re already on the journal page, the home button disappears.
  • As of 0.4.9, if you are already on the home / journal page, you don’t see a new note for today even if you scroll to the top.
  • If you navigate to another page, then click the home button, you DO see a new page for a new day.

Is there a way to navigate to the top of the journal page and get a new note for a new day if you’re already in the home / journal list? If not, can we make one?

I’ve been encountering this as well since ~0.4.5

I have upvoted it. The way around this issue is to use the keyboard shortcut g h which I began using last week for the same reason.

Thank you for the suggestion!

This will be included in the coming release 0.5.0.