Git integration on mobile (android) using isomorphic-git

Hey, I’ve been working recently on adding git support for android, in a similar fashion to obsidian-git plugin. Since there are no plugins on mobile, I forked the logseq app directly. I don’t know if such a change will be pulled back by the team, but still I thought it might be of use to folks. Here’s the code:

It’s a very rough prototype, but I managed to get everything pretty much working but the push command. You can try it only in development currently, since it’s probably buggy I don’t want to distribute an apk.

Anyway, the dev experience was quite frustrating, got pretty burned out, so I’m close to shelving it, but if there is enough interest/someone with better knowledge of logseq dev environment and capacitor etc wants to help, maybe this will see the light of the day haha.

Welcome. To have something quickly available, consider using instead file custom.js