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I publish some sites from Roam to Github Pages using a not-yet public plugin. It is the only thing I still use Roam for. It would be great if I could do this in Logseq. I know there is a publish function on the Logseq web app, but I’m talking about using custom Jekyll themes on my own Github site.

Never used them, but wouldn’t GitHub Actions work for this? Since all the content is in journals and pages?

I don’t know the best way to do it, but there is a lot that needs to be done, such as converting the internal links to Markdown links and wrapping them in CSS classes so you can theme them, handling embeds, etc.

Is there a reason why this wouldn’t work for you? GitHub - pandoc/pandoc-action-example: using the pandoc document converter on GitHub Actions

Maybe, but seems to not be tailor made for this purpose so it would take a lot of work. I currently have a plug-and-play plugin for Roam and was looking for something with similar functionality.

I have permission from the developer to share the service I use. It is called Ivywrite.

I know there is a publish function on the Logseq web app, but I’m talking about using custom Jekyll themes on my own Github site.

just to clarify : the logseq ‘publish’ feature is not restricted to the web app, publish will export your graph as static files (html / js / css) that you can host on any web host of your liking (github pages work, selfhosted web server, commercial web hoster, etc… ).

Unless you need a very specific jekyll theme/feature, I found it was way easier to just use the native publish and create a dedicated custom css rather than trying to publish with hugo/gatsby (didn’t try Jekyll though) and tweak it to match Logseq’s feature set (block embeds, block refs, aliasing format etc…-- talking from experience with an older publish version though, I don’t know if the more recent versions of logseq have updated the publish to match the new syntax for properties and other new features…).

Yeah, I’ve seen this and it looks quite powerful. I can certainly see uses for using the built-in publish function with a custom CSS. However, I also maintain some sites that are quite different using Roam + Ivywrite - sites that don’t look like they were generated by outliner software at all. I don’t know how much is possible by tweaking Logseq’s publish css, but there are a lot of great Jekyll themes out there and it would be great to be able to make use of them as one can with my current setup.

It comes down to “easier” - with a good plugin (as per the request) then it should be just as easy to do either…

Oh, I just looked at the Logseq roadmap on Trello and saw that they are currently testing Roam Research JSON export. Since this is what Ivywrite uses, it may be that one could use it without having to do anything at all?! Will have to see…

I’m on web version 0.1.9 and I seem to already have it …

Thanks. I see it on the desktop app too, but is there some way to only export selected pages?

I replied in the Discord forum:
I don’t think so at present. I believe weihua is the man with all the answers.

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