GitHub sync and multiple graphs

I have GitHub/Working Copy sync working well on iPhone and a MBPro. Right now there’s one big graph for the main project that is my job (TV Post production)
Having learnt a lot about LogSeq from this process I would like to have a separate graph for my personal journal but keep it completely separate from the ongoing work project.
Has anyone got GitHub syncing working with two graphs. I don’t need them both open at the same time but it would be great to be able to close one, open the other, bang out some notes and switch back and have it sync to both devices.
(You know, the way that personal issues sometimes intrude on work and sometimes work intrudes on your personal time.)
I am wary of experimenting until I have time to start a new work project and can safely muck around a bit while ramping up. Tx.

I had time to give this a whirl this weekend. I’m between the end of one production and the next. I’ve backed up the first graph and went through this tutorial and this one again.
Modified the iOS Shortcuts automations and so far it’s working.
I’ve got a couple of weeks to test out bouncing between wrapping out the old graph and fully moving over to the new graph but I am looking forward to being able to switch between graphs on my phone and laptop.
One way LogSeq has become very handy is during my commute I quickly bash out a set of TODO’s for the day on my phone and jot down anything else that’s top of mind. The outline method/mindset really helps in this context. Relatively frictionless to get ideas down with some structure about priority and related concepts with out too much post typing formatting.
REALLY wish there was a double square brackets button on the iOS button bar beside the tab in/out buttons.