GitHub Sync and pages-metadata.edn behavior


I followed Charles Chiu’s guidance (GitHub - CharlesChiuGit/Logseq-Git-Sync-101: This repo aims to help Logseq users to sync their data with Git and GitHub.) to sync my LogSeq graphs between two Windows PC’s, an iPad and an iPhone.

Journals and pages are syncing well. However, there is a caveat on how Logseq updates pages-metadata.edn in the Windows app. According to my observations, Logseq will only update pages-metadata.edn (with block/created and/or block/updated timestamp) when switching to another graph or closing the app.

Hence, that update won’t be committed and pushed to Github unless you do it manually or open Logseq again and wait for the next auto commit.
Problem being, if you don’t do that and go to your next device, you will get (pull) all new MD files but remain in an old version of pages-metadata.edn.

For now, I saw only some innocuous error messages, but not sure if this has the risk of file/db corruption or loosing data.

Would be thankful if someone can shade some light here. Maybe it will be helpful if the Windows app attempts an auto-commit as part of the app open and closure workflows?