Give priority to headings in search

I have a long page called “Manual” with lots of sections, eg. “# Kindle” has instructions for how to use my Kindle, “# macOS” has various Mac-related bits, etc.

It would be very neat if I could use Cmd+K to jump to headings, instead of creating a new sub-page per section. But currently headings don’t seem to get any priority in Cmd+K search.

I am not going to say that youre use of Logseq is wrong but having all those kind of manual headers in one page seems somewhat opposite how I see most people use it.
I would suggest making separate pages for each ‘manual’ you have, so a Kindle and a macOS page and tag them with #manual.
When you then go to that page you all relevant blocks at youre disposal.
And a search for #manual will list all pages with that tag.

You could go even further by using blocks on those pages like on the Kindle page have a block for installation, manual, accountinfo and when you tag those blocks accordingly you have everything for youre Kindle on 1 page and easy access to all alike block for other software in this case.