Global shortcut key to facilitate calling Logseq?

Because I want to quickly display logseq in the foreground at any time, such as when writing a paper.

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Welcome. This should be possible, but through the operating system of your device. A typical key combination is Alt + Tab

I am on Windows and didn’t find a better solution than using ConEmu with Logseq being the Default Tab in that Quake-Style Drop-Down Console of ConEmu. It’s quite an effort initially but it’s rewarding once you get it to work because now I only hit Ctrl+Tilde and I get an animated drop-down Logseq in FullScreen but, on top of that, I can have other useful quick-access tools as other tabs in the same environment so I hit Win+1, Win+2, etc, to access VSCodium, Notepad++, Powershell, etc …

If in Windows, use the system default hotkeys to bring to the foreground (or open if it’s closed) the apps pinned to the Windows taskbar:

Win key + sequential position of the pinned app on the task bar (1,2,3…) from left to right. If it’s the first one, then Win+1 will “call it”.

  1. So open Logseq, right click on its icon on the task and pin it (if you haven’t already).
  2. Then move it to whatever place works for you between the other pinned icons. Whatever it’s position is, left to right, is what you press in addition to the Win key.
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