Go back to the default settings `config.edn` when you have a wrong parameter

when we put in a configuration that doesn’t exist (ex :lie-this-doesnt-exist? false) logseq overwrites all configuration to the default template, losing all configurations made before

is this the expected behavior?

If so, that’s too bad.
I invest time studying the settings that best suit me and lose all the work I’ve done.

When logseq does this, it also saves a backup. Try check for another config.edn Ike it should have the file name config2.edn or something.

Ok it does backup, but I find the behavior of “losing” the file very bad

Wouldn’t it be better to notify the user that the configuration is compromised and comment out the line with the problem?

We have some work in flight that should add validation to config.edn and notify users if something is invalid instead of changing the file and backing it up.


As an aside, on mobile I can’t even edit the config file, as logseq will validate while I’m working on a line and just detect the file is broken, kick me out of editing and revert to default.
This doesn’t seem to happen on desktop though.