Go to a specific date (even in the future)

We already have command to go to today, tomorrow, and next/previous journal entry.

It would be great to be able to navigate to a specific date in time, even in the future.

Do you know the /date picker function?

Or is it that you want to go directly to a specific date, without linking to it? If that’s the case, how do you envision selecting the date as a keyboard command?

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I don’t need to add a link to that date, so the /Date picker command adds unnecessary steps (remembering to remove the link afterwards).

I guess the UI could be the same, but with a /Go to command.

Clicking the date will automatically brings you to that daily journal note.

My personal use case for this:

I use the daily journals also as a sort of worklog, writing down what I did and adding some notes.
Sometimes it might happen that a client (I am a freelance web dev) says “Why did you do that?”, so by looking at the commits in git I discover that, for example, of January 10th I did that change.

By being able to go back to that journal page I will then be able to read my notes about why and how I did that change and get back to muy client with a reliable reply.

Another use case would be:

I know that next Monday I need to work on X. I’d prefer to open next Monday’s note and write it down than link it on today’s note and use backlinks.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

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