Go to a specific date (even in the future)

We already have command to go to today, tomorrow, and next/previous journal entry.

It would be great to be able to navigate to a specific date in time, even in the future.

Do you know the /date picker function?

Or is it that you want to go directly to a specific date, without linking to it? If that’s the case, how do you envision selecting the date as a keyboard command?

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I don’t need to add a link to that date, so the /Date picker command adds unnecessary steps (remembering to remove the link afterwards).

I guess the UI could be the same, but with a /Go to command.

Clicking the date will automatically brings you to that daily journal note.

My personal use case for this:

I use the daily journals also as a sort of worklog, writing down what I did and adding some notes.
Sometimes it might happen that a client (I am a freelance web dev) says “Why did you do that?”, so by looking at the commits in git I discover that, for example, of January 10th I did that change.

By being able to go back to that journal page I will then be able to read my notes about why and how I did that change and get back to muy client with a reliable reply.

Another use case would be:

I know that next Monday I need to work on X. I’d prefer to open next Monday’s note and write it down than link it on today’s note and use backlinks.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


I also stumbled about this issue.
Sometimes I want to link to a journal page which is far in the future. Using the date picker takes lots of time to select the correct date.

Usually I have the correct date in mind. So what would help is that I enter the date in some format, like [[2024-07-17]] and Logseq automatically creates the correct page, like [[Wed, 17.07.2023]].

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You can already achieve this by changing your date format in settings (make sure to re-index after making the change):

Thanks for the advice.
I know about those settings and I like my current settings (weekday plus date).

In my case I often know the date, but not the weekday. So I thought it would be easy to enter the date in some format (YYYY-MM-DD was just an example of a date), Logseq can compute the information about the weekday and can automatically create the journal page in the format the user wishes. So at least for my use case this would help to easily enter a date and Logseq creates the “right” page.

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You might be interested in this thread:

which provides a solution to re-add the week-number and -day to a page when using the yyyy-mm-dd date format.

And @stef might be interested this plugin (available from the marketplace)

which adds a ui do directly jump to a specific journal-page.

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I think there is a “disconnect” between what is being asked here. ( or maybe I am seeing it differently? )

I would like the DISPLAY of the date to show the “day of week” but the actual page name to not change formats.

Meaning looking at the page I want to see a title of “2023/08/08 Tuesday”, but I want the links to it to be [[2023/08/08]] and NOT [[2023/08/08 Tuesday]] . The later link is so much harder to "know how to type/link to than just using the date digits. and the two example links would be “different pages”. Which makes altering the ‘Preferred data format’ not acceptable to me. ( It is not just driving the display, but how the data is stored too. )

While I understand the paradigm of the page name being the title, in this case I think there is a distinction between the requirement/desire for the name to be ‘unique, stable, simple’ (for storage and linking reasons) vs the 'information the human wants from the ‘page name’ at time of use.

REF: When changing between date formats backlinks to journal pages aren't valid anymore and pages with dates are created · logseq/logseq · Discussion #7933 · GitHub
REF: Uniform journal page date formatting; only use date format setting to render dates displayed to user


100% agree. I also wrote about this: Uniform journal page date formatting; only use date format setting to render dates displayed to user

It is possible to display the day of the week through Show Weekday and Week-number plugin without changing the user’s date format.