Google Calendar Sync


The GTD system would be perfect if Logseq can make the deadline/ schedule date sync to Google Calendar view.

Or Logseq has its own calendar page design view to show tasks title.


Yeah this would be a really neat feature. I know notion has that so I think this is would be really helpful if logseq supports that too


Hi, how about this plugin?

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You may try:

I think that currently, only downloading and viewing a calendar is supported by those plugins. Obsidian seems to have a “full calendar” pluging that does also allows adding new event, editing them etc.

Maybe it’s not that hard to port to logseq ? It’s in typescript.

Yes, I would prefer something simple. Like being able ton open calendar in the sidebar while doing my journal. I don’t need full functionality. Just a calendar view.

I would require an option to publish events from Logseq to Google Calendar, not import from GCal to Logseq. Although 2-way would be best, of course.

I would love to have a way to publish logseq event to google. agenda plugin helps with subscription but no way to publish.